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Amb. Sukubo
Sara-igbe Sukubo
You have been given the greatest gift of all. Our world is your oyster and you are our pearl. We desire for you to expose your flaws and overcome them with hard work, honesty, perseverance, and determination. We want you as part of our community - we all want to be a part of this unique adventure that is Nigerian fashion!

Our youth is the future of this nation. They are our hopes and dreams. They are our future leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs that can lead us to prosperity in all sectors of life. Our youth is the next generation of Nigeria and their lives should be valued highly because they make a difference in the direction we want Nigeria to take. We must encourage them to maintain high standards of living and be strong in all aspects of life.

Make a commitment to productivity. The benefits are endless and will make you more productive in every aspect of your life.

As President of Nigeria, I will support programs that encourage healthy habits, including exercise and sports in schools, workplaces and communities. I will advocate for policies that increase opportunities for youth to pursue their dreams so that they have the chance to realize their full potential. These goals are aligned with the real-world needs of children by providing them with a strong foundation for lifelong success.

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Curriculum VitaeAmb. Sukubo Up Close

  • Work experience
  • Background
  • Awards & Honours

Amb. Sukubo is an influential youth activist. His activism is one with passion and determination to further develop the NYCN towards achieving greater heights. He was elected youth president of Offoin-ama community. His exceptional achievements as the Offoin-ama youth president gave birth to him been elected as the Chairman, National Youth Council of Nigeria, Akuku-Toru Local Government Area in 2011. At the state level he was the Chairman National Youth Council Of Nigeria, Rivers State Chapter and Caretaker Committee Chairman (C.T.C), National Youth Council of Nigeria, Rivers State Chapter in the year, 2013-2015. Amb. Sukubo Sara-igbe Sukubo, in 2017 based on his outstanding leadership qualities was elected as the  Chairman, Chairmen’s Forum of National Youth Council of Nigeria in the year 2017. Amb. Sukubo’s Journey as a youth activist still continues victoriously as he is currently the elected  National President of National Youth Council of Nigeria.

Alongside being a vibrant and enthusiastic youth activist, Amb. Sukubo is a successful tycoon in the downstream oil and gas sector with years of valuable experience in business management and project planning.

Below are the positions held:

  • Captain, Noble Football Club, 2003
  • Founder And Pioneer Chairman, Noble Age Grade Kula, 2003
  • Chairman Semi-Skill Workers –  Nembe Creek Trunk Line (NCTL) Project, SAIPEM NIG. LTD, Shell Petroleum Development Company/Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation and Kula Kingdom, 2007
  • Chief Security Officer Offoin-ama community Akuku-Toru LGA, 2007
  • Secretary Ijaw Youth Council Kula Kingdom, 2007
  • Youth President Offoin-Ama Community, 2009
  • Financial Secretary Chevron Global Memorandum Of Understanding (GMOU)  Kula Kingdom Cluster, 2009
  • Chairman National Youth Council Of Nigeria Akuku-Toru Local Government Area , 2011
  • Community Liaison Officer, (Glo) OLM 25 Pipeline Replacement NESTOIL NIG.LTD,SHELL


  • T.C. Chairman, National Youth Council of Nigeria, Rivers State Chapter in the year, 2013
  • Executive Chairman, National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) Rivers State Chapter, 2015.
  • Chairman, Chairmen’s Forum of National Youth Council of Nigeria in the year 2017 TILL DATE
  • Executive President, National Youth Council of Nigeria, in the year 2018 till date.

Born: 15th of January 1987 (Age 33 years)

Origin: Rivers State

City: Port Harcourt

Local Government Area: Akuku-Toru Local Government Area

Parents: HRH king S.A.K.D Offo JD Amayanabo of Offoinama Community and Miss Harrisonba Sokari Ekine

Family: Late King Aaron Sukubo Dynasty.

Office: President, National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN)

Compound: King Sara Memorial Square Ogono Compound

Senatorial District: Rivers West

Home Town: Kula Community

Clan: Kalabari Kingdom

Zone: South-South / Niger Delta

Region: Southern Nigeria

Country: Nigeria

Sub Region: West Africa

Continent: Africa

Education: Community Secondary School Kula (Class of  2000 to 2006)

Mission: Our vision is to concretize legacies of National Youth Council of Nigeria and take bold step to put the development and participation of Youth at the Centre of Nigeria Development.

Vision: To position the Nigeria Youth Council of Nigeria with Laudable blueprint that makes goals and objective achievable .


Amb. Sukubo Sara-igbe Sukubo was born on 15th of January 1987 to the family of his Royal Highness King Aaron A.K.D Amayejeke Offo Sara, Amanyanbo of Kula Kingdom in Akuku-Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State.

Amb. Sukubo sara-igbe Sukubo started his primary education at state school in Kula in Akuku-Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State between 1993 and 1999. He had his Secondary Education at Community secondary School Kula between 2000 and 2006

Amb. Sukubo is rarely plagued by doubts, and he neither sees nor recognizes obstacles in his path. If he has a winning formula, that must be it, and that quality endears him to many people, particularly the Youths of Nigeria. He inspires confidence in people; he is fanatically loyal to his friends and would go to any extent to support friends. But he hates greed, lies and ingratitude.

Amb. Sukubo Sara-Igbe Sukubo as a leader is easy to work with, if he insists on a position you can be sure that he will not change, but before he makes up his mind he takes advices and would weigh his options carefully before finally making up his mind. Sukubo as he fondly called is a visionary and innovative leader with very outstanding track records in youth activism.

Working with Amb. Sukubo sara-igbe sukubo, you will discover that his real courage is not physical but it lies in his ability to go off the beaten track, to try things that have been attempted and to believe without doubt that they can be achieved. Amb. Sukubo is visionary leader who displays he’s readiness and absolutely preparedness to defend his given mandate.


Amb. Sukubo has used his mandate as National President to increase socio-economic empowerment of NYCN by establishing the much needed relationship with Government and private sectors for sustainable development of  Nigeria Youths.

Additionally, Amb. Sukubo has put to use his political contacts and connections to ensure active participation of NYCN and its affiliate bodies in the implementation plans of Government and private sector which has improved and still improving the quality of lives of young persons within the Country.

Sukubo’s willingness and readiness to impact change has been instrumental to the creation of needed environment to showcase the ability of youths for productive, innovative and responsible lifestyle. He consolidates on the gains of a more vibrant NYCN in the Country which he has started. He has also contributed with humanitarian heart to the larger society through the successful completion of the  Reclamation of more than ten hectares of land in Offoin Ama Community without Government or company support as Akuku-Toru Youth president. Also, with a magnanimous for elevating the standards of living,  Amb. Sukubo has created over 200 job opportunities for Community youths who are gainfully employed till date. His will to meet the needs of Nigerian youths compelled him to Pursue and secure revolving loan for 2000 youths worth two Hundred Million Naira. He also Pursued and secured the release of Six Hilux Cars for the South-South Youth Leaders.

Organized a prayer meeting for both Muslims and Christians for President Muhamadu Buhari GCFR, when he was sick in London. This prayer meeting was the first in Nigeria that witnessed both Muslims and Christians coming together in Unity. In 2019, NYCN under the leadership of Amb. Sukubo Sara-igbe Sukubo in partnership with Belemaoil Producing Ltd gave as out scholarships worth 120million naira to six hundred students cut across Nigeria.


Meritorious Award (National Union of Asalga Students (NUAS) Worldwide)

Outstanding Leadership Award In Youth Activism In Nigeria (Rivers State Youth Federation (RSYF) Vanguard of Peace)

Award of Honour (National Youth Council of Nigeria, Opobo/Nkoro Chapter, Rivers State)

Award of Excellence for Youth Empowerment(National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN))

Award of Recognition (PH Comedy Club )

Award of Excellence (South-South Youth Assembly(SSYA))

Grand Defender of unemployed Youths (Association of Unemployed Graduates, 2009.)

United Nations Ambassador for Peace, 2012.

Conference of Royal Father (Diocese of Okrika, Anglican Communion, Okrika Archdeaconry women’s Guild, 2014 )

Niger Delta Shinning Hero Award (Niger Delta Graduates Development Foundation, 2015)

Achievers Gold Award of Excellence (African Peoples Voice Newspaper, 2015)

Special Recognition Award (Niger Delta Award , 2016)

Award of Honour (Rotary Club of  Port-Harcourt Highrise, 2016)

Community Service Award (Rotary International, 2016)

An Excellent Gold Achievers Award (New Name International Magazine Lagos, 2016)

A Special Award of Honour (National Youth Council of Nigeria, Rivers State Chapter, 2017)

Award of Excellence (The Judicial Council, Law Students Association of Nigeria, RSU Chapter, 2017)

Outstanding Youth Leadership Award, 2017 On Drug And Substance Abuse Prevention (African Youths Initiative On Crime Prevention, AYICRIP, 2017)

An Award of Excellence & Commitment (Non-uniform Voluntary Youth Organizations (NUVOYO), 2017)

Award of Excellence (National Youth Council of Nigeria, Edo State Chapter, 2018)

Honourary Award (Catholic Women Organisation (CWO) 2018)

Heroes of Ijaw Nation Merit Award (Ijaw Republican Assembly(Patriot Front) IRA-PF, 2018)

Pillar of Peace Award (Rivers State Ethnic Youth  Leaders Council, 2018)

Merit Award(Akulga Graduate Forum (AGF), 2019)

Award of Recognition (Voice Of Rivers State Musicians Association, 2019)

The Eagle’s Eye Silver Man of the Year 2019 ( Eagle’s Eye News. 2019)

Meritorious Award (Students Union Government (SUG) Rivers State University , 2019)

Best Youth of the Year 2019 (Federated Union of Kalabari Students (FUKS National), 2019)

Awards of Youths and Students Ambassador (National Union of Rivers State (NURSS) NURSS, 2020 )

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